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How do I join?

Jen C
posted this on March 02, 2012 13:48

You can sign up for an account using your Facebook account or with your personal email address. If you’re ready to rent a car soon, once you’ve created an account and verified your mobile phone, you should go through the driver pre-approval process, which is found on the front page of your Dashboard.

You’ll be asked for your driver’s license info, so we can validate your driving history  to make sure it meets our eligibility requirements. Please DO NOT enter someone else’s driver’s license, or your membership may be immediately declined. Each member of a married couple must have their own account.

In most cases, we are able to automatically review this information in seconds -- please note that Hawaii, Alaska, and Missouri do not provide instant access to driving records, and so these reviews may take one business day to process.

We also ask for your payment method information. You may only use a payment method that is in your name and we do not currently allow payment methods to be shared on accounts.

In order to help validate your identity, we’ll also ask you several factual questions that you should be able to readily answer without consulting any materials.

In some cases, we’ll need you to provide the same information you’d provide at a traditional, physical rental car counter, but since we’ll be doing it all online, we may ask you to upload photos of your credit card, driver’s license, and you holding your driver’s license next to your smiling face. To protect the information, you’ll be asked to obscure the leading numbers. International drivers will be asked for some additional information to verify their identity and driving history. If any information is unclear, you may be asked to resubmit information, or provide additional information.

While you can request a car, you need to complete the membership approval process before you'll be able to complete the booking of your trip, so it will definitely make things flow more smoothly if you get pre-approved. If you haven’t been pre-approved, you’ll be guided through the application process as part of the booking process -- if additional verification is required, this may delay your booking, so we strongly encourage pre-approval.

Each driver of a car rented through the RelayRides marketplace must be an approved member (i.e., with an approved driving history) -- this means if you want to add a secondary driver to help share the driving, please make sure they’ve successfully completed the process as well.

Click here to start your application — it usually only takes a few minutes, and is completely free!

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