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Who can rent my car?

posted this on July 09, 2012 06:04

Each owner in the RelayRides community decides which approved driver can rent their vehicle.

Renters must meet our stringent eligibility requirements, which includes being at least 21 years of age. You will have the opportunity to message with prospective renters and review the circumstances of each potential rental. In addition to considering the timing of requests, you can review each renter's profile, which may include personal information about the renter, information about the number of trips he or she has taken, and reviews from other car owners like you.

Remember, a trip is not valid until you have formally confirmed the Pending Trip of a fully approved driver through the RelayRides system. If you or the renter have any question about whether a trip is booked, you should consult your Dashboard to see if the trip has changed from “Pending” to “Booked.”

Owners should visit their Dashboard page to confirm that a trip is “Booked” before exchanging keys. You should never give your keys to a renter who does not have a Booked Trip, as your vehicle will not be covered by our insurance and you won’t receive any earnings!

Keep in mind also that only the named user on the trip has the right to drive your vehicle, unless any potential secondary drivers are already approved RelayRides drivers and you’ve granted them permission -- you may contact us at if you want to know the status of any secondary drivers’ memberships for a renter’s trip.

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